Student CU Services Offered

Taking control of your finances is part of Growing Up!

Hey, you're young. We get it. And your financial needs to date have been pretty basic. Spending money. Gas money. A place to deposit birthday checks. But, like it or not, (and you probably do) you're getting older. Along with adulthood comes independence and responsibility. That's where the Boulder Valley Student Credit Union program comes in.

As YOUR credit union, our products and services are specifically designed to make the leap to managing your own finances as painless as possible. In fact, you might say we can make this fun. And educational. And yes, the two really can go together!

Special Promotion – Free Cash!

On an ongoing basis at all of our student branch locations, we are offering to match up to $20 of your initial deposit when you join. 

Student Credit Union Services

In addition to the services/promotions available at your student branch location within your school, you may choose to take advantage any of the products/services available at Boulder Valley Credit Union.

And don't forget…once you graduate, your account graduates with you and remains accessible at Boulder Valley CU with all the additional services and benefits we offer.