Why A Student Credit Union?

Financial education today. Smart financial decisions for life.

Boulder Valley School District and Boulder Valley Credit Union have partnered to develop a financial educational program that will prepare you for the real world. Our slogan is "Financial education today. Smart financial decisions for life."

The facts support that high school students are typically unprepared for the financial challenges ahead of them as they prepare for college or entering the workforce:


  • Nearly 20% of high school students spend most or all of their money as soon as they get it
  • Only 28% of high school students have a savings and checking account despite the fact that they are excellent tools for teaching financial responsibility
  • One out of three high school seniors uses credit cards
  • More than 54% of college freshman carry a credit card and bring an average balance of $1,585 in debt to campus with them
  • Nearly 10% of college students will drop out of school because of credit problems and the proportion of bankruptcy filers under 25 has risen from under 1% in 1995 to more than 5%
  • Education is a key component that helps teens learn how to use credit cards responsibly while building credit and formulating sensible usage habits

Learning how to use credit responsibly and establishing a good credit history is a key factor for success in adult life. Unfortunately, Credit Building 101 isn't a class typically offered to most high school teens.

That's why we've partnered with Boulder Valley School District to establish a safe, positive educational tool that not only teaches young adults the value of credit, but the skills to use it wisely.

A Great Choice for Today And Tomorrow

Joining a credit union while you're young could be one of the smartest decisions you'll ever make. That's because your Student Credit Union can meet all your financial needs during high school, college and beyond. Boulder Valley CU provides better service with less fees and better rates than a bank. Not to mention, that as your needs grow, we'll grow with you, so you'll always have a reliable, honest place to go for life's biggest monetary decisions.